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The Pseudo-Intellectual Diaries

To Uranus and beyond!

Senorita Fugly!
who, what, where?:
Female and professional slacker. Formerly a rabid Harry Potter fan who now comes back for a yearly holiday, mostly to see how the fic is doing. Can occasionally be found pottering around other fandoms (again, mostly for the fic)- approach with caution, is likely to run away in fear.

I adore books, want to write (but am too lazy/nervous) and would give up my first-born for some Bad Chinese Food or lime flavoured anything.

I detest bigots, birds and people who try to tell me what I want.

on friending:
Friend and de-friend at will! I understand that your friends on LJ change as you change and shall bear no ill-will. I tend to rant and ramble on a fair bit about my ~feelings~, and thus look for some common interests or a connection of sorts when adding new people, which is why I might take my time before I add you back. Comment and participate as much as you want, anyway. :)

oh hey:
I once made a list of books I read through the year 2007. I should do it again, no? (And I did! 2010 in books. Come play!)

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