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Jan. 11th, 2012

the office - jim goes hmm

Please note that I have a fever and it is almost 5 a.m. as I write this.

All I do is study and eat poorly and watch some telly. Let's focus on the most interesting of these activities.

TV Shows I am currently watching:

The Good Wife (Brilliant, everyone needs to watch this)
Modern Family
New Girl (Hilarious, with potential to become annoying. I adore Schmidt, however)
Up All Night (Will Arnett + Maya Rudolph + Christina Applegate? Yes, please)
Misfits (still catching up on this season, so don't spoil me, bro)
Sherlock (The one with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch)

Whatever Kardashian shit is on. Do not judge me for this. I watch this while I eat and therefore it doesn't count. They are ridiculous and I don't have to think or pay attention. IT HELPS ME DOGEST BETTER OKAY GOD.

I will also watch:

Castle (marathon entire seasons)
The Big Bang Theory (I can't watch this on a regular basis because the way they portray nerds can be rather annoying. Sheldon has his moments, however)
Law & Order: SVU (brilliant to marathon while I clean or something)
30 Rock
Parks & Rec.

I have stopped watching:

The Office (It began to annoy me right before Michael left, but I've heard it's rather fantastic again)
Community (Again, got annoying)
Bones (stupid and just no, shut up)
The Mentalist (see: Bones, also they completely dropped the ball on the sexytimes relationship between Owain Yeoman - tall one, who mixes up his accent all the time - and Amanda Righetti - the shy redhead, and shit like that makes me angry)
Supernatural (See: Bones, it got ridiculous and repetitive)

Things I plan on watching once I have some time:

Breaking Bad
The Wire
Fringe (have watched 1.5 seasons I think)
The Hour (I am actually incredibly excited to watch this).

What else should I watch? Give me three reasons you like whatever it is you recommend. DO IT NOW.

Jun. 16th, 2011

y tu mama tambien - in the car

It's been a while.

Is anyone still around?

I come back to read on a daily basis, but no longer feel like I have much to say anymore. When I start talking about my day, it seems so self-centered (shocker, since this is a journal).

How is everyone? I want life updates.

Jun. 27th, 2010

buzzcocks - listen for the bass


Wanting to re-watch Generation Kill for the fourth time makes me a good fan. Not a crazy. A good fan. Yes.

This awesome, awesome, awesome (if dated) article by James Ransone (who plays the motor-mouthed, irrepressible Corporal Ray Person) has only made me want to marathon the entire series once more. It talks about how his experiences on going off with road-trips with actual Marines during shooting, just living there and spending time with these people changed him to be a better person. Much less touchy-feely than I'm making it sound.

This is silly and unsatisfying update, bit that link totally makes up for it! /excuses, excuses

Jun. 12th, 2010

som - yes sir

I'm Right On Time With This.

applegnat ~interviewed me~ a few (haha) days ago, and I've answered most promptly, as I am renowned to do.

Click for insightful and witty bon motsCollapse )

If you read through ALL of that, you're a) really bored, b) deserve a blackcurrant sorbet or something.

Oh, and ask me to interview you, if you'd like! My questions won't be anywhere near as interesting as applegnat's, but on the other hand, it won't require much thought? And that's...good?

Oh, and check it, Office Mood Theme, woo hoo! :D

May. 18th, 2010

som - yes sir



Oh, man. Here are the two (teensy) things I really, really want from this season:

1) Lafayette to get a boyfriend. COME ON! It would be adorable.
2) Askars to take his kit off a solid amount.

I'm not on any side in the Bill/Sookie (Bookie?)-Eric/Sookie(Nookie? Since he's Eric Northamn, and all, HURR HURR), since I think that, a) Sookie veers to seriously annoying a lot, and Eric can do much better and b) Bill is bland like Coldplay's more wibbly tracks, but omg, excite! (I watched Borat again yesterday; bear with me).

MOAR! (another teaser)Collapse )


Bigger!Collapse )


Here's another promo picture for your troubles. It includes the rest of the cast!

May. 15th, 2010

the simpsons - bart "aagh"

(no subject)


I'm watching Blood Diamond for the millionth time and you know the part where BIG ASS SPOLERSCollapse )

I think I just wrote fanfic, but I'm just telling you the way Blood Diamond ended in my head.

Also, if this by mistake fanfic is, in fact, crack!fic, Solomon fully becomes what? WHAT?Collapse )

Someone write this for me. Especially the you-know-what bits. My birthday is in November, so this gives you enough time. I AM JUST SAYING.

Apr. 3rd, 2010

the office - jim goes hmm

Travel, a Book and a Movie.

I have so much to post about and so much laziness. Those two things don't go well together.

First, I went to Kabini! Again! But still! I went with two friends this time and was very, very fun. We've been planning a girls-only, no-family, no-boys trip for a while now, so we finally threw our hands up in the air, and just...left. Seriously, I told my Dad a day and a half before I left that I might be going and he gave me A Look and just hmm-ed. It was super fun staying up, and lazing around next to the river, taking silly pictures, talking our heads off...I adore having female friends. They are always awesome. I took a thousand pictures of elephants and tree stumps rising out of the water, and I'll add them (well, okay two- I hate sitting through a thousand vacation pictures too) to this entry as soon as I find the cable that'll transfer them from my camera to the computer.

Second, I've not been reading as much as I want + Thoughts on romance novels, with reference to one (some spoilers)Collapse )

Third, I watched Inglourious Basterds! (contains spoilers)Collapse )

Mar. 23rd, 2010

buzzcocks - listen for the bass

Books I (am) Read(ing) in 2010, OR Why Do I Always Start My Posts With "So"?

So, I was doing some cleaning up on my profile page, which led me to that list I made of books I was reading through the year 2007. I remember I didn't include any of the YA or romance stuff I read because I thought it was a) too embarrassing, b) didn't count, which, y'know, fuck that noise. I read a million and forty eight books that year, you guys. I was brilliant!

And in an effort to get me reading more this year, I think I'll make another list! I know, I know, it's already March, and I've forgotten every single thing I've read in the last 2.5 months, but let's pretend this year is 9 months long, okay? Okay. I'll add the books I read in January and February as I remember them.


  • The format I'll be following is (Book) by (Author) [Date I finished reading, Comments].
  • The "rankings" (HAW HAW) go from good to bad like this- brilliant, very good, good, alright, bad, AHH, MY EYES!
  • I'll mention the genre of the book if it's one that might be only known to readers of that genre/might not be popular outside of the genre. This is mostly for romance/YA novels.
  • Tell me about stuff you think I might like or to discuss the books I've mentioned. I love yammering on about things I've read, so I definitely want to know what you think.

A (Thoroughly Incomplete) List of Books I Read in 2010

1. Moab Is My Washpot by Stephen Fry [?, Brilliant, amazing, Stephen, be mine.]
2. About a Boy by Nick Hornby [?, re-read, brilliant]
3. Scandal in the Spring by Lisa Kleypas [? March, romance, good]
4. Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie [? April, alright]
5. Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie [? April, good]
6. Someone Like You by Julie James [8 April, romance, very good]
7. Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James [? April, romance, good]
8. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot [? April, re-read, YA, very good]
9. The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot (#1 in the Boy Series) [? April, romance/rom-com, brilliant]
10. Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot (#2 in the Boy Series) [? April, romance/rom-com, good]
11. Every Boy Has One by Meg Cabot (#3 in the Boy Series) [? April, romance/rom-com, alright]
12. She Went All The Way by Meg Cabot [15 April, re-read, romance/rom-com, good]
14. How To Be Popular by Meg Cabot [? April, YA, very good]
15. Size 12 Is Not Fat (#1 in the Heather Wells Mysteries Series) [? April, rom-com/mystery, good]
16. Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl [? April, romance, very good]
17. Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl [23 April, romance, alright]
18. Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl [24 April, romance, very good]
19. Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (#2 in the Heather Wells Mysteries Series) by Meg Cabot [25 April, rom-com/mystery, alright]
20. Big Boned by Meg Cabot (#3 in the Heather Wells Mysteries Series) by Meg Cabot [27 April, rom-com/mystery, alright]
21. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn [?, re-read, rom-com, good]
22. May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss by Arnab Roy [23 May, non-fiction, good]
23. Keep Off The Grass by Karan Bajaj [26 May, lad-lit, good]

(I missed updating this through the majority of May, and have forgotten a lot of the titles I did read. Womps.)

Mar. 6th, 2010

the simpsons - bart "aagh"

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Thank you to everyone who stopped to give me advice or hold my hand while I wibbled everywhere regarding applications to The Foreigns. I will respond to you individually soon, but until I do, know that I am grateful.

Meanwhile, as I agonise over my SOPs (and obsessively refresh Facebook), here's another procrastinatory tool I've found. Ask me anything, and I'll reply. Oh, oh, and start your own accounts so I can ask you inappropriate, super-personal questions too! It'll be just like meeting up in real life, only without you having the distinct pleasure of experiencing my crazed, unblinking stare (of twuu luuuurve).

ETA: I should mention that it's completely anonymous. So, er, yes.

Feb. 23rd, 2010

y tu mama tambien - in the car

A Long Time Ago, We Used to be Friends.

Ten Rules (Or Less) For Writing Fiction by various authors including Neil Gaiman, Phillip Pullman, Zadie Smith, Joyce Carol Oates, PD James etc., etc.

I like how all of them were all, "WRITE, DIPSHIT. Don't just imagine being a writer, actually sit down and write." It's the hardest bit, really. Woe.

I haven't updated this thing in so long, it's a little pathetic. A lot of the friends I had here have stopped updating very often too- Real Life does that to people. Damn being an adult! So, if you have any recommendations as far as friending goes("You need such-and-such on your f-list LIKE YESTERDAY"), fire away. I need to get over myself and my apprehension of being a creep and just friend people, too.

I took my GRE today and I got a 1300, which is less than I wanted to score, really. Everyone's telling me it's quite respectable, but my GPA is utter shite, and now I worry that my GRE score isn't kick-arse enough to get me in where I want. Does anyone know all about this and/or is willing to soothe my fears? And buy me a unicorn while they're at it? Plsthx.

I really want to end this entry with "Hope all of you are doing well. Everyone's doing fine here. Please give my love to Uncle and Bunty. Lots of love, Sushmita", which means I'm way more exhausted than I thought I was, so I'll just stop here (without any love for Uncle or Bunty, hah).

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